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The Golf Club VR comes to Nearby Planet!

A few days ago, we received an email from a representative at HBStudios. Much to my embarrassment, I had never heard of the studio. More than that, I didn’t know they were just a short drive away in beautiful Lunenburg. Looking into the company, I found that they were not only a major content producer for EA but their game ‘The Golf Club VR’ was one of the highest rated on Steam.

So, naturally, I downloaded it. I’m not much of a golfer myself, but I was immediately impressed by the graphics of this game. The tutorial was quick and comprehensive and the use of the motion controls to create immersive and intuitive menus really blew me away. For example, checking the wind speed and direction or the distance to the pin is as easy as making the motion of checking your watch, which brings up a small menu that hovers above your wrist.

 The Golf Club VR only uses one controller, so the motion of the swing couldn’t be more natural. Select a club from your golf bag, take a swing and then push the bottom of the trackpad for a comprehensive breakdown of your swing. It all takes some getting used to, but in the hands of both regular golfers and beginners like me, the game plays like a dream.
Great for the golf fanatic in your life who might be getting brought down by the snow. This game has the potential to take up entire afternoons, especially with global leaderboards and one button multiplayer. And even if you get frustrated with it, you can toss around your clubs and thrash your golf bag without being politely asked to leave the country club!
We are so glad to be able to offer such a great game from a developer so close to home. It won’t be the last of the homegrown games in our library.